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Imagine yourself, as part of one of the most ambitious and original projects I have ever done. This means being a part of something very special, I said to myself, when I decided to open the chance for everyone to get involved.


You’re going to be amazed when you find out what the Project is!


You are probably already aware of the fact that, what you are about to discover, has been in development for 4 years. Wouldn’t you agree that it would be amazing if we could take tattooing out of the box, and take it to a whole new adventure?


Now, think how proud you’ll feel when you decide to be part of this adventure! One of the things you’re really going to love about MOON & SHADOW is the new immersive way to mix different art disciplines to create one masterpiece; where, Tattooing, Painting, Music and Magic join hands to dance together at the same rhythm.


People who have already decided to join this adventure with me, agree that this is one of the most original projects they have ever been involved in.

By now, I’m taking appointments for 2017 and preparing all the designs for the story. There are limited spaces left so contact me now to grab your appointment before I run out!


You’re interested in MOON & SHADOW, aren’t you? I’m going to explain what this adventure is about! Imagine how good you’ll feel when you discover it.


The sooner you start Reading the lines below, the sooner you’ll engage with the Story of how Princess Moon saved the Nowhere world from Darkness, with the help of Shadow. Because it’s important to be completely compelled with this Project to be part of it, is it not?


So I’d like to show you how this adventure begins.


This story belongs to a place, where the last dream fades away to morph with reality in such a fine line, that most of the mortals had become to believe that it’s never been real.

Where the two dissected parts of world  “NOWHERE” used to be fed by the constant motion of the two Moons, fighting against DARKNESS in perfect balance. They were supporting each other against the roots of DARKNESS,  consuming day by day the pillars of THE CITY OF THE WORDS.


THE CITY OF THE WORDS was a place where all the thoughts would converge in perfect sense. The forgotten and the new words were used as a material to build the constructions where the citizens, called “IDEAS”, live in harmony. But now all was completely destroyed by chaos.


There was a time where DARKNESS was loved by the habitants of the city. All of them used her as protection from the constant light of the Moons so they were able to sleep and dream. The habitants return to the moons daily and use their light to recharge their magic.


There came a time that some of the citizens suddenly stopped dreaming. They blamed DARKNESS for it. This made the forces of darkness grow so strong, she could no longer control her powers…


The consuming hours of darkness turned the dreams into nightmares that started destroying the city. Darkness was captured by the citizens and locked deep in a cave. She became a prisoner of her own solitude.



As she descended into madness, her roots began to spread poison throughout the world of nowhere, consuming the pillars of the city.)As she was losing her mind, her roots were poisoning the ground of the NOWHERE world and consuming the pillars of the city.


Fear spread through the citizens, and without their ability to dream they could not find the way to save their world. Out of ideas, they resorted to allowing the poisoned roots to reach the moons in hope that when darkness prevailed, they would be able to dream again. In dreams, they would find the answer.


However, as the Moons light was dying, the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE was starved of food so could not support the weight of its branches. One by one they broke, spreading its immature fruits over SHADOW, the guardian of the tree that was exiled to live in between the two dissected worlds.


THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE (personification of the pineal gland) is the motor of this world. It brings the matter of dreams to all the habitants as it joins the two hemispheres together as one. The light of each moon travels through its branches and conducts through the roots, transforming the matter that comes through the ground to make the atmosphere of NOWHERE. This allows many different forms of life to coexist.


Meanwhile as the powers of DARKNESS grew out of control, her roots began to compromise the roots of the tree which started to change the substance of dreams. In parts of the worlds dreams no longer existed yet in other parts they had been poisoned and distorted from nightmares. This created delusive minds in some unfortunate citizens.


Only one branch remained on the tree of knowledge. The citizens were hoping the fruit would grow to maturity, so when it fell it would release the knowledge they required to save their world. Sure enough, the last piece of fruit grew to maturity and fell, and with it, the knowledge was released… but not in the way they expected…



Now you are interested to know more, and be part of it right?

Imagine being a part of the VERY FIRST GRAPHIC NOVEL ever done with tattoos, an entire story that is not just a book, but a music album, a magic trick, collection of hidden puzzles and secret mathematical patterns that develop more parts of the story! It will be released every month once the Project is published.

It isn't just a book- it's an adventure! It will keep you coming back each month to discover something new that you already had in your hands but never knew it, it's exciting, isn't it?


You might want to drop me an email now to reserve your appointment before all the spaces are taken, so let me explain to you what this masterpiece needs:


A - There are 9 CHAPTERS, 6 pages each. All of them are full of hidden puzzles, so the designs cannot be changed, or modified in any way, otherwise,  they won’t fit the purpose of the Project.


B - The style of tattooing is a new style I have created that I call “Mathematical abstraction”. This is due to its complexity in textures and patterns, yet all the designs are part of hidden ones resulting from mathematical puzzles. This makes the designs highly specific, so to reiterate, no changes can be made.


C – Any size or area is welcomed to be tattooed (except micro tattoos or miniatures, this includes finger tattoos)


D – If you commit to this project you will leave with a smile on your face! You are about to get a PIECE OF MY SOUL, literally, and most of the people that have been already involved in  this project still can not  believe how good they feel with it


So here is my email for you to contact me now, and reserve your appointment. Let's help Princess Moon save the world of Nowhere! Thanks for your time, see you soon.



Pd: sssssssshhhh, It’s ok if you dont tell people about this Project, but most people do