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Ex Umbra in Solem.


In the heart of Ipswich, beneath the night sky,
Fore Street is the street you need to mind;  
Memories, Present goods and future wise whereby,
door number 13 awaits for you to find.

IP4 1JW it's the code that unlocks the adventure on the map,
compel your thoughts, ready to unwrap,
thus lines of the spell, your mind and spirit befall.

Let father Sun show you the unobstructed supply,
let mother Moon the path of your most rooted desires enlight;
We call the entities of the secret arts for the human's eye,
come to us for your destiny, in your skin rewrite.



-    A B R A K A D A V R A    T A T T O O    A R T    STUDIO    - 


We are an Art studio that gathers: Tattoo Art, Painting, Illustration, Music Composition, 3d Designing, and Magic under the same roof.


Our professionals are multitalented artists in several disciplines.


We are proudly sponsored by the best products of the Tattoo Industry worldwide. 



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Your Thoughts Have Been Collected, Thank You!

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13 Fore Street 

Ipswich - UK



Monday - 10:30 / 18:00

Tuesday - 10:30 / 18:00

Wednesday - 10:30 / 18:00

Thursday - 10:30 / 18:00

Friday - 10:30 / 18:00

Saturday - 10:30 / 18:00

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